Ezuz - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cold Pressed Maximum Acidity of 0.5%

On the southern side of the Nizana Plain, on the Sinai border, between the rocky desert hills of the Ezuz Stream, there lies an organic olive grove – a green island in the heart of the desert.

Love of the desert and of working the land, and the vision of settling the Negev motivated Doron Akiva to settle in Ezuz and plant the organic olive grove on the remnants of an ancient agricultural farm at Ezuz Stream.

This desert region boasts a magnificent ancient tradition of desert settlement and agriculture, dating back to the days of the kingdoms of Israel and Judea and through the Nabatean period, a tradition culminating in the Byzantine era.

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The olive grove was planted out of a belief in cultivating viable desert agriculture that integrates with the environment. This is organic growing without pesticides and fertilizers, without plowing the soil, protecting the ecosystem, the soil and the groundwater.

The Suri, Barnea and Picual olive varieties are irrigated from Moses’ Well – an ancient well located at the adjacent Be’erotaim Oasis, on what was once the main thoroughfare from the biblical Kadesh Barnea toward Nizana. One opinion is that the spies who set out from the biblical Kadesh Barnea to scout out the Promised Land passed through Be’erotaim Oasis and drank from its well waters.

The desert climate, soil and slightly salty water, along with the attention, thought and love with which the olive trees are tended and the oil produced give our oil its high quality aromatic flavor.

Ezuz Organic Olive Oil is a very unique boutique oil. The three tree varieties allow us to produce oil rich in olive flavor and tantalizing to the tastebuds; it’s wonderful for seasoning, cooking and other culinary uses, and especially wonderful for your health and enjoyment!

Ezuz Organic Olive Oil is a desert olive oil. Laboratory tests show that olive oil produced from trees grown in the desert is richer in its content and healthful qualities attributed to olive oil, including significantly preventing diseases and maintaining optimal health.

We are members of the Israel Bio Organic Agriculture Association. The olive growing process, production and marketing of the oil are supervised by the Agrior company. Our olive oil is exported according to the laws and regulations customary in Europe, the United States and Canada.

Our organic oil is licensed for exportation overseas and is strictly Kosher, as well as Kosher for Passover.

We do our best to bring our customers excellent quality organic olive oil that is free of pesticides and fertilizers, right to their doorsteps. We protect the environment, soil and groundwater. Our organic olive oil is rich in the components and qualities of the olive fruit in its natural state and boasts all of the health benefits and the great taste of olive oil.

  A Premium Quality Product – From the Desert Soil  
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